Google Ads Suspended: What Is An Unacceptable Business Practices Violation?

Unacceptable Business Practices Violation Notice

Recognize this notice? This notorious notice is known for being placed at the top of Google Ads accounts when those accounts have been flagged for the violation under ‘Unacceptable Business Practices’. It occurs as a result of Google Ads suspectedly detecting ‘questionable business practices’ on your account. Let’s talk about the Google Ads Suspended unacceptable business practices violation.

What Does Google really mean by this suspension? Learn More Here.

It could be a number of things, and, from what Google Ads Suspended has noticed more recently, 90% of the time, it’s not even your fault! The other 10% of time, it’s normally an overlooked policy or standard that can be easily clarified by appealing with Google.

The issue could also stem from the fact that the Google Ads algorithm that checks accounts to validate them needs a SERIOUS update.

You could be one of the unfortunate businesses affected by the lack of transparency in the Google Ads algorithm, and it could very well be that your business is legitimate and compliant.

I have a legitimate business advertising safe and compliant products. Why am I suspended for unacceptable business practices?”

Sound like you? Thankfully, Google Ads Suspended has it figured out for you, and we know just what to do to confer with this faulty algorithm.

What is Google Ads Suspended Unacceptable Business Practices?

It’s very sad, but Google Ads Suspended has seen many clients struggle with the misfortune of this suspension. It’s a suspension that occurs and immediately suspends your account if Google Ads feels you are performing questionable business operations.

You could be in violation of this policy due to a variety of reasons, and it can be very troubling to narrow down and pinpoint what the exact reason(s) could be.

Some of the more common reasons we’ve found for this suspension:

  • Inaccurate Product/Service Information
  • Ads That Have Ambiguous Meanings With Regards To Your Services
  • Exaggerated Or False Claims
  • Cloaking/Irrelevant Website Content

The list goes on, but it’s important to take all these factors into consideration when appealing for accounts. It is also very important that the correct terminology and verbiage is used when submitting the appeal. Structured and effective documentation is something Jupplee has become masters on when communicating with Google Ads.

What Can You Do?

Appeal For Unacceptable Business Practices With Google Ads

Google makes it incredibly difficult to communicate on suspensions. Google Ads states that the ambiguity with their suspensions is to prevent scammers from easily appealing. So, having effective communication to inform Google Ads that you are a legitimate business practicing safe and compliant business operations is the name of their game.

However, their lack of transparency has led them to a nasty lawsuit in the France because of it. View Google Ads To Pay 150 Million Euros From A Lawsuit on Yahoo.

That’s not all, the wave of lawsuits to come has commenced as Google is finally being held accountable for their actions in an up-and-coming $25 Billion Lawsuit, as talked about in this article on AdWeek.

If you partner with Google Ads Suspended, we can promise you justice. This is your chance to make a change in the competitive online digital market.

Click on the image above, and you can get started with our Unacceptable Business Practices Appeal process.

Additional Consideration

Have a look at the Google Ads policy article which explains Google Ads’ stand on suspensions: 

Google states that if they come across a minor issue with your website/google ad account, they will send you a warning to outline the issue and how to fix the issue at least 7 days before your Google account gets suspended.

If you have not gotten that warning, then it is possible that you have a egregious violation.

Google states “If we detect an egregious violation your account will be suspended immediately and without prior warning. An egregious violation of the Google Ads policies is a violation so serious that it is unlawful or poses significant harm to our users or our digital advertising ecosystem”

Which policies are considered to be egregious?

Circumventing systems

Coordinated deceptive practices


Promotion of unauthorized pharmacies

Unacceptable business practices

Trade Sanctions violation

Sexually explicit content

If you also have malware on your website, this can be a issue, we would recommend you use the free Google tool

Once you have made sure your website is in compliance, you can submit a appeal, if you have already done this and your site is still suspended, please contact us and we can help you fix your google ad account suspension for violation of the:

Unacceptable Business Practices Policy

Our Success Story

 As of recently, Google Ads Suspended is the go-to for Google Ads Account Suspensions and Google Ads Account Management in general. In the past two years, we have had a very high success rate in getting 100’s of Google Ads Accounts unsuspended for a variety of cases. On top of that, we have one of the fastest turnaround rates that you can find for appeals, with most accounts getting unsuspended in less than a week.

We have also had many happy customers that find our level of expertise with Google Ads are useful beyond ad suspension cases, and many end up hiring us to manage their Google account for them – lest their accounts get suspended again. So, we not only help to fix a suspended account, but we offer additional services to keep accounts and companies safe from getting suspended again.

If you’re looking for help with a suspension or for someone to properly manage your Google Ads account, don’t hesitate and contact us today.

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Written and Composed by Craig Freeman, PPC And SEO Expert at Google Ads Suspended