Example Of Suspended Accounts That We Got Reactivated

Google Ads Suspended


You’re here I’m guessing because your Google Ads account is suspended. We have observed many types of Google Ad Suspended accounts, and normally they come up 3 main reasons.

1) Circumventing System Policy

2) Suspicious payment activity

3) Unacceptable business practices.

Sadly we have seen many accounts get suspended as soon as they are open, with no real justification.

Have / Are you:

• Tried calling Google and getting to help whatsoever?

• Opened other Google ads account, and they are also suspended?

• Given up hope on fixing the issue?

• A affiliate marketer and cant get your ads running

• Using video ads, and got the ads suspended

• Linked your merchant account – Then your account was suspended

We get it! We know how frustrating your Google ads account being suspended can be. When you look at their policies page, Google makes it impossible to know exactly what you did to get suspended! You have lost traffic, lost business, and want your ads up and running straight away. Firstly, there is hope!  We have seen it all before and we have a very high success rate in getting accounts re activate. We work with clients all over the world, and are ready to take on the case.

Lets get your suspended account fixed today.

We are here to help.

You are here because your Google ads account is suspended we get it, and we are here to help. We have over 3 years experience in getting suspended accounts up and running, and we can do it for you. Reach out to us today.

What happens when you instruct us.


We look at your URL , and find out why your Google Ads account is suspended.


Once we know the problem we file a detailed appeal.

we follow up with google

Once the appeal is filled, we wait 5 business days, and follow up with Google.

Manual review

If the first appeal is rejected, we ask for a manual review.

We get you running again.

We do have a very high success rate of getting ads running again.