Our mission is to get you back on Google.

We understand if your Google ad is suspended it SUCKS! we get it. Our job is to help you get your Google account back up and running as soon as we can. Our business is dedicated to just that.

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our promise to you!

Fair Pricing.

Our constancy fees are reasonable, we will work with you and  budget.

Quick Turn Around.

We can file the appeal to get your Ads account re activated within 3 days

Get you advertising again!

As long as you comply with Google Ad Policies, you should be ok to advertise.

History Overview

Google Ad Suspended.com was launched in 2022. Before it’s launch our business, model was to help clients with their Google advertising who were suspended, however when Covid came, we saw a lot of Google ads account being suspended. As a result, Google Ads Suspended.com was born. Our business it to help you get your Google ad account back up and running, and we are pretty good at it. From Jan – Jun 2022, for every 10 accounts we were asked to work on 60% of them were back up and running.

Sadly your Google Ad account can be suspended for circumventing system policy, which is a kind of catch all. We will look at your website and see why your breaking the policy, and file the appeal

There are many reasons why your Google Ad account can be suspended for a payment issue, this can be as simple as your zip code entered wrong. However most cases are not this easy, we are happy to discuss the issue with you once you become a client, and get you up and running again.

Having an unacceptable business practice is a very difficult policy to overturn, however this doesn’t mean it is impossible. Most of the time, we have seen Google suspend Ads account for incorrectly labelling your site. Speak to us today to get your ads running again.

Our Fees

Our fees are quoted on a case by case basis.