Google Ads Circumventing System Policy

It sucks to be suspended - We get it - There is hope.

Circumventing System Policy

We understand it sucks to your have Google Ads account suspended for circumventing system policy

Circumventing System Policy

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circumventing system policy
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Circumventing system policy

If you look at the Google Ad Policy for this policy located at

Circumventing systems

The following is not allowed:

• Cloaking – you can’t show data to users on the internet and then show data to Google’s bots that crawl your site. You may without even knowing have your website hacked. We can check for this once you become a client.

• If your ad points to a landing page that has links to other sites, we need to make sure those websites are in complaint with the Google ads policies. (simple work around point the ads to a page with no external links)

• Redirects, if your website is, and some one clicks on your ads, you can not point them to the FINAL url must be – You also can have any masking , again we can check all this for you.

Sadly, google will not tell you why your account has been suspended for circumventing system policy. We have seen many cases where your Google ads suspended account is in violation of something different to this. Google also as a wild card that state “Note: We may take action on an advertiser’s account based on, for example, adverse regulatory warnings, settlements, or rulings about an advertiser’s advertising practices, or direct complaints from users or businesses”

In Summary:

Google dominates the online advertising account, and if your Google ads suspended account is affecting your business revenue, we understand. Sadly Google will not tell you why your account is suspended, and the only way to figure this out, is to go through each policy to see what can be causing this, and file an appeal to get your Google ads suspended account up and running again.


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