Unacceptable business practices

It sucks to be suspended - We get it - There is hope.

Unacceptable Business Practices

We understand it sucks to your have Google Ads account suspended for circumventing system policy

Circumventing System Policy

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Unacceptable business practices
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If you look at the Google Ad Policy for circumventing system policy located at https://support.google.com/adspolicy/answer/6020955?hl=en#:~:text=Unacceptable%20business%20practices&text=Enticing%20users%20to%20part%20with,health%2C%20life%2C%20or%20safety.

If your Google ads is suspended for unacceptable business practices read on.

Google prides itself in only displaying legitimate ads that can be trusted by users. To comply with Google’s guidelines and avoid a ban, your ads must not come off as a product scam, or “phishing” technique created to mislead users in any way. If you violated one of these business practices in your advertisement, it is likely the reason for your account’s suspension or ban.

Impersonating or associating your business to resemble another brand

Creating a fake business that is solely built to trick users into providing personal information and is unable to provide the advertised products and services

Pretending to provide critical health or safety services

Running an ad for a product that may quickly run out or is currently unavailable

Additional Unacceptable Business Practices:

Deceptive Practices Coordinated with Others: Hiding your identity or misrepresenting your location while coordinating with other accounts to users in a country other than your own.

Misleading Representation: Displaying misleading statements or lying about your identity, qualifications, and business name to users. Misleading the user with an unrealistic result, e.g. weight loss and money-making.

Dishonest Pricing: Promoting apps or services as free when they require payment or hiding the full price, shipping cost, subscription cost, etc.

Clickbait Ads: Ads that make sensational claims, display false imagery, or encourage the user to click to “find out more.” Ads that use strong negative emotions like fear or death to promote a product or service.

Misleading Design: Ads that resemble error messages, notifications, menus, or other clickable features that do not work

Unclear Relevance: Ads that do not have a clear keyword to be relevantly tagged to any audience.