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Google Ads Suspended is in the business of getting you the perfect marketing strategy. We synergize advertising with SEO services and web design to provide a full suite of coverage for your business visibility across the digital network. Our primary efforts go into maximizing conversions and getting you the best return on investment possible.

We also specialize in helping with Google Ads suspended accounts and submitting extended appeals on behalf of customers.

Due to the very ambiguous context Google Ads provides when an account is suspended, they’ve made it incredibly difficult to appeal suspended accounts. We’ve become experts in Google Ads policies, and we’ve made it easy to simplify the process for getting your account reinstated.

Google Ads Policies?

There are a large number of Google Policies that each advertiser advertising on Google must abide by, and there are many things that an advertiser can do to violate these policies. You can find a full list of the Google Ads Policies here. Google has over 300 pages of policies to review.

In particular, there are 3 Main policies that we’ve noticed most accounts get suspended for. Those are:

Google Ads Suspended pulled reports on the reasons for suspensions for 30 accounts from August 2022. We found that the most common reason for account suspensions is circumventing system policies. You can see this in the chart below.

Percent Out Of 30 Clients Reasons For Suspensions

However, in the month of September, we had found that this was offset by the number of accounts suspended out of 20 clients from September 2022. Suspicious payments is what came up most often. We noticed that most customers in this area are customers that had just set up their accounts!

Number Of Accounts Suspended In September And Reasons

The data here shows that the reasons for suspensions fluctuates, but the fact still remains that there is something inherently wrong with the Google algorithm that validates customer accounts.

We have become experts in determining what the actual reason for suspensions is. We have found that a large amount of the time, it’s not even the fault of the customer, but an error in Google’s algorithm.

What Can We Do For you?

It is incredibly difficult to know exactly what policy or policies an account may have violated as Google does not provide specific information to account holders on what their account may have been suspended for.

Moreover, the 3 main policies listed in the previous section are what Google will tell you your account is suspended for, but there is a whole plethora of sub-policies under these 3 policies that could be the actual reason the account is suspended.

Google Ads Suspended experts are very knowledgeable of these policies, and we make it easy for customers to pinpoint exactly where the issues lie and what to do to fix them.

If you’re looking for help with your suspension, or you have tried everything and are not sure what to do next, take the next step by getting started with our 3 – Step appeal process.

Our Bread And Butter

Google Ads Suspension Services

Appeal For Suspicious Payment Activity Suspension With Google Ads

If you want to learn more about how you can get your account unsuspended and appeal for suspicious payments, click the image above. Otherwise, you can click here to learn more about Google Ads Suspicious Payment Activity.

Appeal For Circumventing Systems Policy Suspension With Google Ads

If you want to learn more about how you can get your account unsuspended and appeal for circumventing systems policies, click the image above. Otherwise, you can click here to learn more about the Google Ads Circumventing System Policy.

Appeal For Unacceptable Business Practices With Google Ads

If you want to learn more about how you can get your account unsuspended and appeal for unacceptable business practices, click the image above. Otherwise, you can click here to learn more about Google Ads Unacceptable Business Practices

As discussed above, there are many reasons that your Google Ads account could be suspended. We have narrowed down the 3 main reasons that break down into a number of other reasons.

Google Ads Suspended experts offer a 3-step process when filing appeals on your behalf. The steps are listed below:

  1. Gather information based on account review and submit initial appeal.
  2. If the first appeal is rejected, we work with you to create an extended appeal case that can include numerous pages of documentation, then we submit another appeal. If your business is legitimate, this step lets Google know we mean business.
  3. If the extended appeal from the previous step is rejected, and you see it fit, we will work with you on setting up an arbitration case.

The complexity of some of these cases determine the pricing to get started, but depending on the documentation required, prices may be up for negotiation.

You can get started with your reason for suspension by clicking on any of the images above.

Google Ads Management Services

Google Ads Management Service Graphic

Advertising is just one of the first steps in expanding your business visibility on the web. Google Ads offers one of the most versatile and efficient platforms for advertising.

It’s so massive that it requires whole teams of people to manage and optimize. If you’re not an expert with it, you can find yourself spending chunks of time on it everyday.

Google Ads Suspended has 20+ years of experience with the Google Ads platform, and we’ve been there since it first started growing. We have become experts on just about every aspect of Google Ads.

We implement the best practices around when optimizing ads. Optimization is key to a good return on investment with advertising.

In addition to saving you time, we offer reasonable pricing for our Google Ads Management Services starting at just $185/month.

If you’re looking to get started, you can get a head start by clicking the image above or calling us today!

SEO Services

SEO Search Engine Optimization Product Graphic

I’ve said it a thousand times before, and I’ll say it again here:

If you’re not doing SEO, you’re not doing online business right.

SEO, which is short for Search Engine Optimization, is the probably the most important part of any online business. If you are trying to naturally improve visibility on the web without necessarily having to spend money, optimizing your content for search engines is the best choice.

So, what is SEO?

It is the process of structuring your online content to be more accessible to search algorithms and search engines.

Designing algorithms to crawl and index pages in search engines is an incredibly complex task, and that’s an understatement. Search engines like Google have this process made easier by providing to websites on their search engine insight to best practices for well structured data.

By following these practices, you make it easier for Google to rank your pages in the algorithm. The more you do it, the better the chance of your website naturally ranking on the first page of Google!

Optimizing your web content entails a great deal of effort that spans across numerous platforms. If you’re going to invest into SEO, you should make sure you go all the way with it and are investing into long-term gains that can take months to even years to fully take effect. The wheel of the Google algorithm turns ever so slowly.

Any SEO services that are going the full 9 – yards should at the very least include the following:

  • On-Site SEO. Website code mark up and structured architecture with template – based content
  • Google My Business Management
  • Responses to reviews on social media platforms and Google My Business/social media interactions
  • Local SEO – Building citations/listing on the internet to improve Google Maps 3-Pack visibility
  • 3 – 4 Blog posts a month minimum a month to distribute to your website, then redistribute to social media platforms
  • 2 Press releases a month

We offer all the above and more for search engine optimization, so click the image above to get a price quote and get started today. The sooner you start building up your organic online presence, the better!

Web Design Services

The previous services go hand-in-hand with a shiny looking website! If you’re doing any of the previous, you should have a clean website that is easy-to-navigate, transparent, and makes it easy for consumers to interact with you through.

We do offer Web Design services at an affordable rate, but if you’re interested in discussing what we can do for you, you should call us for a quote!

Our Success Story

As of recently, Google Ads Suspended is the go-to for Google Ads Account Suspensions and Google Ads Account Management in general. In the past two years, we have had a very high success rate in getting 100’s of Google Ads Accounts unsuspended for a variety of cases. On top of that, we have one of the fastest turnaround rates that you can find for appeals, with most accounts getting unsuspended in less than a week.

We have also had many happy customers that find our level of expertise with Google Ads are useful beyond ad suspension cases, and many end up hiring us to manage their Google account for them – lest their accounts get suspended again. So, we not only help to fix a suspended account, but we offer additional services to keep accounts and companies safe from getting suspended again.

If you’re looking for help with a suspension or for someone to properly manage your Google Ads account, don’t hesitate and contact us today.

Google Ads Suspended +1 720 230 6472

Written and Composed by Craig Freeman, PPC And SEO Expert at Google Ads Suspended

Who We Are: Google Ads Suspended
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