Google Ads Suspends Google Ads Account Spending $900,000, Seriously??

Does Google Ads care about your business? Sometimes, it feels like it doesn’t – especially when a multi-million dollar company that puts foods in the mouths of thousands is suspended for no just cause.

We bring you a case today that that was completed by an expert on Google Ads suspensions. A client spending almost $1,000,000 dollars a year had their account suspended abruptly out of nowhere without reason.

The reason for the suspension, Google Ads says is due to the Unacceptable Business Practices violation. This is a sub-policy under the Google Ads ‘Misrepresentation’ policy.

CEO, Daniel Jupp, known for his accolades in Digital Marketing and featured on the Digital Journal, was caught dead center in the middle when he awoke to find this money giant’s Google Ads account had been suspended.

Daniel was quick to jump into action and assessed his client’s account immediately. This was a serious case, because every second action is not taken, the business loses more money.

However, to Daniel, this is just another day for him, because he knew just what to do to get the client’s account reinstated within 8 hours of suspension.¬†

You can view his assessment of the situation into this account below in Part 1 of his video that outlines his appeal process.

Part 1: Your Google Ads Account Is Suspended

In less than 8 hours, Daniel had another video out after submitting the initial appeal that showcases the account being unsuspended within 8 hours! A crazy fast turnaround!

You can watch Part 2 of the appeal process and Daniel’s diagnosis of the situation in the video below.

Part 2: Your Google Ads Account Is Unsuspended

Daniel, who owns Jupplee Digital Marketing expresses his concern for the transparency offered by Google Ads on suspensions, and he talks about the court case where Google Ads was sued by a European company for over $150,000,000 euros for this exact issue.

He shares empathy with his clients, and we share that same empathy. Businesses are being affected, and at the same time so are the livelihoods of average consumers. Google Ads needs to be held accountable, and they need to make things fair.

Google Ads sees Daniel’s work as an inspiration to keep up the fight for your Google Ads account.

Is your Google Ads account suspended? Don’t let your business slip, get in touch with an expert today and get justice.