Google Ads Suspended Case Study: Unacceptable Business Practices #1


A recent client [Oasis Coffee LLC] had come to us regarding a suspension case for a business that sells delicious roasts. Google had made it very difficult to know exactly what the issue was with the account, other than it had been suspended for Unacceptable Business Practices. Google states that this policy entails the following: We don’t allow ads or destinations that deceive users by excluding relevant product information or providing misleading information about products, services, or businesses.”

Learn more about this Google Ads Suspended Policy.


Step 1: When working on a case like this, we have to be thorough with our investigation before we attempt to appeal the case. For this case, Google Ads Suspended put the website being advertised up against numerous policies and built an extended case with numerous documents that support the client’s claim to be in compliance. Next to that, we also made sure this company’s website was in compliance by updating the website to add credibility to it.

Step 2: We then submitted this extended appeal and kept in contact with the Google Policies team, following the case closely, communicating with Google, and keeping track of updates. After submitting the appeal, we received a response from Google within 3 business days that stated the account had been unsuspended. The client was so thrilled that, in addition to our Ad Suspension services, they signed up for our Google Ads Management service.


Is your Google Ads Account Suspended? Hey, your website is not very credible. You have to understand that Google doesn’t like one page websites that have no history. if you want to advertise with google, you have to build a website… ‘Oh but I’ve seen tons of people who are doing it, and it works!’… Those people are most likely circumventing the system themselves. They just haven’t been caught yet, because they are using tricks to trick the system.

During the Google Ads suspended process, Google Ads Suspended puts legitimate effort into organizing your case, and it’s an up-hill battle trying to game the system. We spend time and effort fighting for accounts that aren’t willing to go the full mile with their websites. The fact is that Google doesn’t like you asking people for personal information, like emails, unless you are credible in some way. They can’t keep supporting these websites that aren’t willing to go the distance with their businesses and put time and effort into building their credibility. That means building trust with Google.

We also offer web design and SEO services, which should go hand-in-hand with your Google Ads. You can get started with us by contacting us today and getting a quote.

And, we know it can be hard sometimes. You may be a business that’s struggling, or you could be just a business trying to get started and make some residual income. But, there are legitimate, cost-effective ways to achieve a healthy website that Google Ads can find trust-worthy and credible.

One of those cost-effective solutions is Wix. Create a beautiful website from a template and have a hosted domain with less than 30 dollars a month. No need to circumvent the system, and you’d probably end up saving money anyways. You’d also end up saving time too, because Wix features a drag-n-drop design interface. No HTML or going through a third-party developer needed! If you’re willing to create an online store, you should be willing to go the distance. That is Google’s and our whole point in all of this. If you want, we can even help you automate the process with the Wix AI, which can create for you a unique website design based on your company’s needs and services.

Also, you can easily link your products or affiliate network of your choosing with the use of their API, databases, and datasets. That means Shopify, Google Ads, Clickbank, and many more platforms can all be linked through your website with Wix.


Ads Removed And Accounts Suspended

Google Ads Policies

There are a large number of Google Policies that each advertiser advertising on Google must abide by, and there are many things that an advertiser can do to violate these policies. You can find a full list of the Google Ads Policies here. In particular, there are 3 Main policies that we’ve noticed most accounts get suspended for. Those are: Circumventing System Policies, Suspicious Payment, and Unacceptable Business Practices.

What Do We Do?

It is incredibly difficult to know exactly what policy or policies an account may have violated as Google does not provide specific information to account holders on what their account may have been suspended for. Moreover, the 3 main policies listed in the previous section are what Google will tell you your account is suspended for, but there is a whole plethora of sub-policies under these 3 policies that could be the actual reason the account is suspended. Google Ads Suspended experts are quite knowledgeable of these policies, and we make it easy for customers to pinpoint exactly where the issues lie and what to do to fix them.


Our Success Story

 100's Of Accounts UnsuspendedAs of recently, Google Ads Suspended is the go-to for Google Ads Account Suspensions and Google Ads Account Management in general. In the past two years, we have had a very high success rate in getting 100’s of Google Ads Accounts unsuspended for a variety of cases. On top of that, we have one of the fastest turnaround rates that you can find for appeals, with most accounts getting unsuspended in less than a week.

We have also had many happy customers that find our level of expertise with Google Ads are useful beyond ad suspension cases, and many end up hiring us to manage their Google account for them – lest their accounts get suspended again. So, we not only help to fix a suspended account, but we offer additional services to keep accounts and companies safe from getting suspended again.

Get in touch with Google Ads Suspended, as we’re here to help. We offer assistance 24/7 in all parts of the world. If your account has been subject to the Unacceptable Business Practices Google Ads policy, we will put together an extended case on your behalf and present it to Google.

If you’re looking for help with a suspension or for someone to properly manage your Google Ads account, don’t hesitate and contact us today.

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Written and Composed by Craig Freeman, PPC And SEO Expert at Google Ads Suspended

Google Ads Suspended Case Study: Unacceptable Business Practices #1
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Google Ads Suspended Case Study: Unacceptable Business Practices #1
Case Study involving the 2-Step appeal process between Google Ads Suspended and the client, Oasis Coffee LLC.
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